Start Up

Thinking of starting up your own business?

Here at Clear Computing we are dedicated to giving companies the best start possible.

Have you thought about the following:


  • Equipment
  • Back Up
  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Software

We believe these are the fundamentals and can provide you with exclusive prices and advice to get you started.


Buying new equipment can be  expensive and you may end up spending more then you need too.We stock reconditioned units that have been wiped clear all of data and cleaned to a ‘nearly new’ standard. Whether it is the whole package (monitor, keyboard, mouse and screen) or simply a second monitor we stock numerous items at discounted prices.

Back Up:

If your machine was to lose data or you were unable to get to your files do you have a backup of all your key information. Any backup done should be migrated to another location. Back up should part of your daily routine. Do not wait till it is too late to realise the importance of  backup.

There are numerous ways to backup, examples being:


Throughout the UK in 2015 it was estimated that 89% of households had internet access. Many small business however, are of the opinion that they do no need webpage advertising. What they do not realise is that when future customers are seeking a service or product they will research relevant businesses. Websites are the main source of information that will be sought. It is expected in today’s techno age that all thriving businesses should have a website and if you are seen without one what image are you portraying of your company.

Take a look at what Clear Computing can offer for you …


To be able to create your own website and email addresses you will have to purchase domains. Clear Computing can help you set up your web address and emails. Read our product sheet for more information:


Not having Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware and a Firewall stored on your computer is asking for trouble. Antivirus software will specialize in the quarantining and removal of viruses. An anti-spyware will help prevent spyware taking information off your computer without your knowledge. Lastly a firewall will be a filter from incoming information from the internet; it will block out anything that is not from a trusted source.

Spam, Spam, Spam it is everywhere. If it was not bad enough that your inbox was being bombarded with Spam now it is on your instant messaging, mobile phone and social media sites. Although most is harmless some spam can be linked to identify theft which can be linked to fraud. Installing a Spam filter will organise any incoming information and stop the spam being delivered.

Especially  for start up business we are offering a discounted software package that includes all the fundamentals of ensuring your PC is safe. Click below for more details:

Still not sure what is needed for your venture? Want to check that you are getting the best deal? We offer a FREE consultation to any start ups to help ensure they get the information and help they need.