Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services in Sussex

Clear Computing offers comprehensive repair services for equipment and accessories from all manufacturers. This includes all models of Windows Computers, tablets and Laptops repairs along with Apple iMac’s, MacBooks, as well as Apple, Android tablets.

We have a trained team of professionals to deal with hardware and software issues and can offer a free quotation to get your systems up and running.

If your suffering from any on the below mentioned symptoms you may benefit from a system clean-up, Repair or even a simple hardware upgrade to breathe new life in to your device


TickNo Display   

Cracked ScreenTick

TickNot able to Boot

TickOver Heating

TickSlow Booting

Slow Opening Files Tick

System Errors Tick

Virus Infection Tick

Malware Infection Tick


Go for our comprehensive computer repair services in Sussex and we will fix any problem in your computer that is stalling your work and minimizing your operational capability.