“This was one of the easiest technology projects I’ve ever instituted.

There have been no issues and nothing but positive feedback.”

“We’ve blown the doors off our expectations with the Pinkcard loyalty program.”
– Tony DiCenzo, SVP of IT, Pinkberry

This is the feedback from the Senior Vice President of Pinkberry Inc. who rolled out Wi-Fi to their 100+ stores in the States to ensure the best customer experience for their customers.

The company began to explore how to protect customer information and meet the wireless scanning requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ( PCI DSS) which requires specific actions to protect customer information and also requires regular over the air security checks for unauthorised devises.

Then they launched their loyalty programme and mobile app, they felt strongly that offering Wi-Fi guest services would help drive the programmes success.

Their top priority was the ability to shut down any unauthorised Wi-Fi access points attempting to connect to their network and built in support for PCI auditing compliance. They also wanted a system that required to training or Wi – Fi experience on the part of the store, and all at a reasonable cost. Mojo Networks were capable of providing all of the above and Clear Computing are Mojo partners – so if you are looking to add to your customer experience, want to understand how by simply swapping your Wi-Fi provider will give you so much more than just a Wi-Fi solution then talk to us.