Online Backup

Our online backup system is a reliable online backup and restore application. It safeguards your critical data in case of system crash by automatically backing it up.

Customisation options include the provision to modify your Backup set and its schedule, reporting options and more.

Data is transferred using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Optional 256-bit proprietary encryption with a user-defined encryption key is used to store your data.

The graphical interface makes it easy to navigate through the application. Key features include bandwidth throttle, data compression and incremental backups that ensure fast backups, point-in-time view of data, sync and open/locked file and mapped drive backup among others.

You can backup or restore data using the mirror and relative path options. Further, you can backup data from multiple computers to a single account.

Our online backup system lets you manage your Default Backup set, schedule backups and view detailed logs through any web browser.


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