Looking after your Tablet

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad back in early 2010, it changed the world in how we approach computing. Other electronic companies soon followed suit and created their own “tablets”. These products are now as popular as leading devices such as laptops, smartphones and Desktop computers.

But Tablets are no different to all other computers with regards to looking after them and ensuring that the OS is running smoothly and both hardware and software and fully protected. And with tablets still being relatively new to some people, at Clear Computing, we have come up with four simple ways in how, you the user can look after your tablet.

  1. Keep your OS and security Apps updated.

From time to time your operating system will require to be updated, and this should be a compulsory practice if you want to keep your OS and tablet secure. The OS developers make regular updates available to keep one step ahead of hackers and make it harder for them to intrude their operating systems. So ensure when updates for Operating System’s and other security software become available, download them instantly and the best way to ensure this is to enable the auto update setting which should be available all OS Systems on all tablets!

2.Shop first hand and never through a third party.

There are now hundreds of thousands of app’s now available between all the major app stores on each operating system (The App store, Google play, Blackberry world etc.). We emphasise that an app should be bought in an official store. This verifies its credibility and if anything goes wrong there are support teams that can be easily contacted. The problems mainly occur in third party apps. These apps are not verified and can leave a hole in your tablet security exposing it to threats, such as viruses and malware. Usually the app you want requires a good search, and the most popular apps are available on all formats.

3. Protect it?

Tablets can be fairly fragile, a single drop, or a mishap such as sitting down on one can instantly break a tablet. It is vital that when you buy a tablet that you buy a case to go with it, or if you have a tablet without a case, go out and buy one! Like cases for laptops, a tablet case will protect a tablet from the elements and protect it from accidents as well as reducing scuffs and scratches.

4.Use a Stylus pen , Not a real pen

This may seem very trivial, but there have been cases of users requiring a new screen for their tablet because they used a regular pen which has severely damaged the screen of their tablet. So how else do you operate your tablet other than your finger?

Operating the movement of a tablet can be done in one of two ways, with a finger or a stylus pen. The way a tablet screen works is by responding to movement pulses, this is what your fingers will naturally produce. A stylus pen uses electromagnetic resonance technology in which sends a radio wave telling the tablet its position on the screen. A regular pen or pencil does not have pulses, and attempting to use a regular pen as a stylus pen will damage the screen.

Following these four tips should enhance the performance and life of your tablet , if you have any queries about using your tablet or any issues call our helpdesk  at 01903 300100 or email helpdesk@clearcomputing.co.uk