Is your computer making you wait?

Waiting… waiting… waiting… Oh finally I can get on with my work.

In today’s techno age your company’s IT is crucial to your efficiency.

We at Clear Computing understand that if your PC/Laptop/Mobile device is not working to its full capacity you are not able to work to your full potential.

We Brits are famous for waiting. In fact we spend 67 hours, almost three days in one year just queuing. The majority of us will ‘put up’ with the fact that our slow running computers will make us wait.

Why not do something about it and increase you and your employees efficiency?

We can investigate why:

•             You are waiting for your computer to start up.

•             Internet/Webpage Loading Time is so long.

•             External Drive Load Time takes an age.

•             Device Loading Time keeps stopping and starting.

•             Shut down of your computer is a long drawn out process.

As well as the above we also offer Support Contracts.

A real time fix for your PC, saving you crucial time & MONEY!

With remote access and telephone support from our experienced engineers we are on hand to help with your IT.

For a monthly subscription tailored around your company’s IT we will take the problems of your IT and make them our own.

Call us today for a no obligation meeting:

01903 300100 or email