Take Steps To Prevent Cyberbullying

If your child is experiencing cyber bullying there is only a 1 in 10 chance they would discuss it with you.

There will be more children going online this half term meaning that the amount of children experiencing cyber bullying will escalate.

Bullying is not restricted to the playground and children are using Chatrooms, Social Medias and Mobiles as a means of bullying.

Whether your child is the bully or the one being bullied being able to control and view what your child is doing online will ensure that they are being safe and respectful of others.

Installing monitoring system is the first prevention for cyberbulling:

For example:

•             By ensuring that you block any website that is inappropriate you are PREVENTING your child viewing anything you do not think is suitable.

•             For mobile devices you are able to block any premium rate number and restrict the times of usage PREVENTING any large bills.

•             By setting VIP contacts you are PREVENTING your child from being out of contact as these can be contacted at any time.

•             By setting up alerts you can be warned about any dangerous activity, such as accessing adult content. This is PREVENTING your child spending excess time on sites not suitable for them.

•             If you suspect that you child is being bullied via instant messenger then you can check both sides of the conversation and be able to block the bully. This can only be PREVENTED if the right software is in place

If you suspect that your child is being cyber bullied then wouldn’t you want the reassurance that there is something you can do?

Visit our website: www.clear-computing.co.uk/safetyonline where you can find handy tips and hints to keep your child safe online.