With the recent success of the Olympics we have taken the fundamentals of being a successful Olympian and applied them on how we can help you to become a success.

Team Work & Support

The best athlete is not a one man team. They have a team of advisers and trainers to help them achieve their best.  Although answering who won the Gold in Tennis or which British Female celebrated a bronze in the swimming would be simple, if I ask who their trainer is I bet you’re left scratching your head.   Like there trainers Clear Computing does not want to take your limelight, we just want to help you achieve the best you or your business has to offer and we believe that means your IT must work efficiently.

Our support contracts mean that if you have any IT issues we can get you back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. For a monthly fee we can ensure that you are not affected by any IT issues. We offer different support contracts to suit our clients so whether you need our help frequently or once in a while the price will be reflective of this.


No athlete would be complete without the right equipment to hand, take five gold medallist cyclists Legend Chris Hoy. His talent makes him one of the best Olympians Great Britain has, but his success is also down to the equipment he gets issued which helps him become the best he can be.

Clear Computing can offer you the best IT products too and also provide IT programmes designed to suit your business needs.


The worst disaster athletes can face would be injury that would stop them competing. If the worse was to happen a team of experts would provide a recovery plan to get an athlete back to form in the shortest amount of time.

Clear Computing can provide you with a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) so that you if you or your company undergo a disaster you can get back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. With a DRP we can ensure that if the worse was to happen there was always a plan to get you back to business.

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